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Daily Supplements Of Omega 3 Rich Krill Oil Is A Safe And Effective Way Of Increasing Levels Of EPA And DHA

A recent study showed that four weeks of krill oil supplementation raised levels of EPA and DHA in overweight and obese men and women.  There were no indications of adverse effects on safety parameters. 

Krill are small shrimp-like marine crustaceans eaten by fish, birds and especially whales. 

The researchers recruited 76 overweight and obese men and women to take part in a randomized double-blind parallel arm trial.

The participants were randomly assigned to receive capsules containing 2 grams per day of krill oil, fish oil, or the control (olive oil) for four weeks.

At the end of the four weeks the researchers reported that levels of EPA and DHA concentrations increased significantly more following the krill oil supplementation than those following the fish oil or control supplementation. 

EPA and DHA levels rose by an average of 178 and 90 micromoles per liter of plasma in the krill oil group.

This is compared to only 132 and 150 micromoles per liter of plasma in the fish oil group and only 3 and 1.1 micromoles in the control group.

The daily quantity of EPA provided in the krill was 216 mg and 212 mg in the fish oil, which are comparable.  However, the DHA in the krill group was only 90 mg/d, which was about half of what was provided in the fish oil (178 mg/d).

The average plasma EPA concentration at the end of the treatment period was also somewhat higher in the krill oil group compared with the fish oil group.  (377 versus 293 micromoles per liter).  The average plasma DHA concentrations were comparable for both groups (476 versus 478 micromoles per liter) despite the krill group only consuming half of the DHA that was provided in the fish oil group.

What this shows is that  the EPA and DHA quantities in krill oil is absorbed at least as well as that from fish oil with the EPA concentrations in your body being significantly higher with the krill oil supplementation.

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