Get Your Manhood Back In Just 30 Days!



Do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Maybe you feel a little soft and you now see a roll of fat where your abs used to be.

Or maybe you would rather grab the remote control instead of spending time in the bedroom with your lover.

If you are over 30, you could be suffering from “andropause”, which is caused by your shrinking testosterone level.

But have no fear – BJ is here!

Prograde has teamed up with world-class fitness expert BJ Gaddour to create our very first training system: The T30 Training Program. Here is what T30 was created to do for you…

•  Incinerate your Belly Fat

•  Build slabs of lean muscle

•  Boost testosterone levels

•  Send your confidence soaring

•  And much, much more!

However, let me warn you. This is NOT a workout for wussies. If you want to stay flabby, may I suggest you set your treadmill at 3mph and have fun “walking”.

This is a training system FOR REAL MEN. Every single exercise. Every workout was created to one thing.. get your manhood back.

You’ll LOOK better. You’ll FEEL better. And your friends will be jealous. Now, you just gotta find away to gently let down all the women who will be pursuing you!


You get 3 “Follow-along” workouts with BJ. That’s right, just push play on your DVD player and workout with him. No thinking – just do it.

Workout #1: The Monster

Workout #2: The Beast

Workout #3: The Warrior

And trust me, they are as intense as they sound – which is a good thing.

But that’s not all…

If you are in a time-crunch, BJ created short, intense 3-minute “sizzler” workouts. Do these after your workout for an extra fat-burning boost OR just squeeze them in on a busy day.

  T30 Three Minute Abs Sizzler
  T30 Three Minute Arms Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Legs Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Shoulder Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Glutes Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Total Body Ripper Sizzler


Want a small taste of what T30 has waiting for you? Check out this sample ab routine from the DVD...


You get absolutely, positively EVERYTHING you need to get your body, and
confidence, back – in just 30 short days.

You have 2 options..

#1. Do what you’ve always done and get the same results

#2. Give T30 a try. And after 30 days if you don’t look better and feel a boost of energy, send back the DVD for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Get your T30 DVD now.. and get your manhood back!



Q. I am really busy. How long do these workouts take?
A. Each is less than 30 minutes.

Q. What type of equipment do I need?
A. All you need is an inexpensive pair of dumbbells. That's it. And because each workout gets your heart pumping, there is no need for expensive treadmills or "cardio" equipment.

Q. How can this only be $29.95? I've seen similar workout systems on infomercials that sell for $120 and higher.
A. Because we are so well-respected in the industry, we have thousands of fitness professionals who endorse our products to their clients. And since we don't have to pay for those expensive commercials and marketing costs - we pass on the savings directly to you.

Q. Is this an actual DVD or a download?
A. It's a physical DVD that will be sent in the mail. It takes just a few days to arrive.