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Top 5 Ways To Eating Right And Silencing Your Hunger


Follow these 5 tips to eating right and you will silence your hunger and have you losing fat.

1.  Drink at the right time:  

I am not talking about alcohol here.  When I say drink I mean water.  Drinking water at the right time is important because it can affect when you eat and how much you eat.  

When you consume food or fluids your stomach stretches.  When it stretches to a certain point your stomach sends a signal to your brain to stop eating or consuming food and fluids.  

An easy way to stretch your stomach without filling up on calories is by drinking water.  I recommend you drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and also have a glass of water on hand during your meal to sip on while eating.  This simple tip will help control your appetite and keep you from over-eating.

2.  Eat fiber rich foods:

Many people know that fiber helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time, but most don't know why.  It does this by drawing water into your stomach.  As it was stated in tip #1 the water helps to stretch your stomach and send a signal to your brain telling it you are full and to stop eating.  Fiber also helps to slow the absorption nutrients because it passes through your body undigested.  This allows you to feel fuller longer.  

3.  Eat healthy with plenty of protein:

Protein elevates a hormone called glucagon which helps to control your appetite and also keep your body from elevating insulin levels which promotes fat storage.  Beside triggering the hormone glucagon protein also activates other peptides that help to send signals to your brain telling it you are full.  

Of course protein also raises the thermic effect which means for every 100 calories of lean protein you eat your body burns about 30 calories to digest and absorb it.  Leaving you with a net caloric total of only 70 calories.  Try that with carbs or fat and you will end up with a net caloric total of 90-95 calories.  

4.  Play mind tricks with your belly:

Numerous studies have been conducted on portion sizes and what level of fullness  people have after eating.  What they have found is that the larger the bowl or plate the more we will eat yet feel the same level of fullness as someone who at less food with a smaller bowl or plate.  

Many of our dinner plates you buy at the store now are very large.  So are the bowls.  No wonder we are overweight as a society.  Look at the size of your bowls and plates and if they are large go buy a smaller set.  

The facts are there that if you eat on smaller plates and bowls your brain gets the satisfaction of fullness with less food.  For some you could reduce each meal by 200 some calories just by using a smaller plate or bowl.

5.  Don't inhale your food:

Eating right also includes taking your time when eating.  It takes time for your body to recognize that it has food in the stomach and then send the signal to your brain.  Don't eat so fast that your body doesn't have time to process this.  

Put your utensils down on the table while chewing your food.  Don't pick the utensils back up until you have swallowed the food in your mouth.  This little trick will slow down the rate at which you eat your meal.  Researchers have found that individuals can decrease their caloric intake per meal by hundreds of calories each time by slowing down and using techniques like this.  

A regular meal should take 20-30 minutes to eat so that your body has time to recognize how much food you have eaten.  What ever happened to asking your significant other "How was your day?" when you sit down to dinner? ;)

There are many more tips that you can follow, but if you follow these top 5 tips you will control your hunger and keep your calories in check.  Combine that with your exercise program and the body fat will start falling off.


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