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Prograde is pleased to announce the results from our brand new Prograde clinical study. It was one of the largest independent double-blind studies for a weight loss pill ever done. Period.

In fact, the study was just presented at the prestigious International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference – and there was tremendous buzz by the nutritionists and scientists about the results.

IMPORTANT:  please don’t be fooled by other companies that talk about their “ingredients” being proven in studies. Often, they are just talking about studies that were done by other companies with a specific ingredient – NOT the complete formula. That’s a big, big difference because it’s how the ingredients work together synergistically (in the right amounts) that make it work.

The Prograde study was done with the complete Prograde Metabo 223 X product. Not isolated ingredients - but the actual product you can purchase right here. We know it takes a lot more time, effort, and money to do a study this large and complete – but  it’s well worth it. After all, if we put our name on a product, it must be the best – and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, do you?

Here’s a summary of results of this breakthrough clinical study which compares Prograde Metabo 223 X versus the placebo.

2.9X More Fat Loss
4.2X Great Weight Loss
4.3X More Lean Mass Gain
7.0X Greater Loss of Hip Girth
8.0X Greater Loss of Waist Girth
5.0X Greater Increase in Energy

Dear Friend,

My name is Jayson Hunter and I’m the Research and Development Director and Registered Dietitian at Prograde Nutrition.  My job is to continuously search the science so that we keep abreast of discoveries that can make you stronger, leaner, and help you achieve maximum good health.    

Once I learned that there were a few unique ingredients we could add to our old weight loss formula to make it the absolute best on the market, I jumped right on it.  And now, I’m proud to tell you that METABO 223 X is as good as it gets.


Once you know what’s in this product and how the ingredients work, you’ll be as excited about it as I am!  And once you learn about the science and research supporting it, you’ll be anxious to try it.

In fact, I’m going to tell you about a clinical trial we’re conducting right now on METABO 223 X, but first, let me introduce you to some of the most remarkable ingredients on the planet. 

I’ll explain how they work in your body, why they were carefully chosen to be in this new formula, and what about them has made our “new and improved” METABO 223 X product far superior to anything else out there


Chances are that your interest in losing weight is nothing new.  You may have already tried diet after diet and pill after pill, yet been continuously disappointed when you didn’t get the results you desired. 

Please, if you don’t remember anything else you read here today, please understand that much of that was not your fault.

You see, there are a lot of myths and downright lies circulating out there as it pertains to weight loss.  So, while you thought you were doing the right things and buying the right pills and products, you may have been completely wasting your time and your money.

One of the most popular weight loss myths out there today pertains to (also popularly known as) cayenne pepper.

That’s because they don’t possess nearly enough of the active ingredient necessary to help you reach your weight loss goals.   

You see,  in order for “ordinary” red pepper to have any weight loss benefits, you’d have to take so much that it would literally destroy your system!  Your stomach would be “on fire,” as would your throat and your mouth.  In short, your body couldn’t tolerate it.

Manufacturers know this and, in a gracious attempt not to kill you, they cheat you instead.  They tell you the product can help you lose weight, fully knowing that under most circumstances, it can’t.

That’s where METABO 223 X comes to the rescue.

We’ve been able to extract bioactive substances from the red pepper known as capsaicinoids, the most common of which is capsaicin.   This “power behind the pepper” is what gives the red pepper the ability to help you lose weight.  

The Capsaicinoids are bonded to a tiny, microscopic beadlet through a high-tech manufacturing process.  We carefully coat each and every beadlet with a protective covering that encapsulates them and ensures that they’re not released until it has arrived in your small intestine. 

Once in the small intestine, it goes through a controlled-release process that ensures that you feel no heat, no pain, and no discomfort!

This encapsulated form of capsaicinoid compounds is known as Capsimax® and we’ve gone the extra mile (and paid the extra expense) to provide it to you in every bottle of METABO 223 X

This is very important for you to understand.

The vast majority of red pepper products on the market are released in your stomach.  And it’s because of your stomach’s inability to “handle the heat,” that these products can include only a very small amount of capsaicin, certainly not enough to cause significant weight loss. 

Our unique encapsulation process allows us to include a generous amount of capsaicinoids so that you get the weight loss results you deserve.  Therefore, Capsimax®  unlocks the ultra effective fat burning potential that you would otherwise never see from simply taking powdered pepper products found in other products or your spice rack!

What else does Capsimax® do?

I’m glad you asked!

As Capsimax® makes its way through your body, it prompts the release of two very important hormones – epinephrine and norepinephrine.

They both have the ability to attach themselves to the receptors on the surface of fat cells and break down the lipids, causing the cells to split the fat within them, burn off, and diminish.  Some say that caffeine does the same thing and when I’m asked about it, I have to admit that part of that claim is true, but part of it is also false.

Caffeine can break down and it can even split fat.  But it can’t burn it, and that’s a critical component of weight loss.  Plus, you’d have to drink an enormous amount of coffee (and deal with those side effects) to get benefits equal to one dosage of METABO 223 X.  Trust me, it wouldn’t be worth it.

As mentioned, Capsimax® encourages the release of epinephrine, which is also known as adrenaline, the hormone responsible for the “fight or flight” response that you’ve probably heard a lot about.

Adrenaline increases the amount of oxygen and glucose to your muscles and your brain, thereby giving you an incredible boost in strength and energy.

Stories are told of how adrenaline has given women the ability to lift heavy, harmful objects off of their children and has given men superhero speed in times of emergency.    

These stories are based upon proven, scientific facts, as adrenaline, as well as norepinephrine, can significantly increase your strength and stamina.   

So, not only does Capsimax® split and burn fat, but it also helps you better manage your appetite so that you have less fat to burn.  That’s pretty incredible!

In addition, as it makes its way through your body, Capsimax® also activates a key receptor known as TRP V1, which has a direct effect upon your ability to control your appetite.

Now I’m sure you understand why Capsimax® is a key ingredient in METABO 223 X.


Raspberry Ketone (Raz K®)

Please don’t mistake raspberry ketone for anything you’d be able to get from a fruit stand or from your local grocery store.  Raspberry ketone (Raz K®) is something totally different from that.

Raspberry ketone is a compound that has actually been extracted from the raspberry, using a very specialized organic process.  Most companies won’t go through the extra time and expense necessary to provide you with this compound, but we do. 

Here’s how it works…

Just like Capsimax®, raspberry ketones (Raz K®) also splits and burns fat.  And it works most effectively when in the presence of the exact two hormones that Capsimax® helps to produce -- epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Luckily for you, you’ll find both Capsimax® and Raz K® in the new METABO 223 X formula.

What a wonderful coincidence!  Or is it? 

No, we purposely teamed these two natural ingredients together so that you could reap the added benefits and have a fairer shot at reaching your weight loss goals.  When these two team up, your fat cells don’t stand a chance. 

Research conducted at Ehime University (Japan) reported that people who took raspberry ketone lost more fat than those taking a placebo.  As a result of this and other studies, raspberry ketone is a very popular weight loss supplement in Japan.

Another reason for its worldwide popularity is its ability to naturally facilitate the release of hormone-sensitive lipase.  Hormone-Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is an enzyme that has the ability to reduce fat accumulation, by catalyzing the breakdown and liberation of fatty acids from lipid droplets found within fat cells. 

When fat is released properly from its stubborn location within fat cells, it has an easier time being utilized and burned as fuel by your body and isn’t hanging around your hips, your stomach, or any place else on your body.  And that, my friend, is great news! 

If you do a quick Internet search to learn more about raspberry ketone, you’ll find many studies confirming its effectiveness.  But you’ll also find that most of those studies were conducted on mice! That’s NOT the case with our product.

The raspberry ketone (Raz-K
®) included in METABO 223 X is the only one on the market today that’s been tested on humans.  This is another reason why METABO 223 X truly resides in a class of its own.


Advantra Z ®


Also known as bitter orange, Advantra-Z®  arrived on the market in 1997 when people were searching for a natural fat burner that wouldn’t adversely affect blood pressure or heart rate.  According to multiple scientific studies, Advantra-Z® fit the bill perfectly.

One study conducted by groups of scientists at the McGill Nutrition and Food Science Centre at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, and another study conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center, have both concluded that Advantra-Z®  is safe and effective.1

It works by stimulating the beta-3 receptor on fat cells in a way that ignites thermogenesis. 

Said more simply, it increases your metabolic rate so that your body is better able to safely burn fat.

Advantra Z® is the only patented thermogenic ingredient on the market today. 


It’s also patented for its ability to reduce weight, suppress appetite, improve athletic performance, and increase lean muscle mass.

Speaking of muscle mass…

Many weight loss products on the market today are robbing people of their muscle mass.  So even though they could be dropping pounds, they look horrible (more flabby)! And they often feel that way, too.

That will never be the case when you take METABO 223 X because the Advantra Z® it contains preserves your lean muscle mass, keeping you looking trim and feeling strong. 

But be careful:  If you search around, you may find other weight loss supplements that contain Advantra-Z®.  The problem is that many of these formulas also contain Hoodia Gordonni, which is derived from plant found naturally in South Africa.  

The jury is still out as it pertains to the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonni.  Several countries, including Australia, have banned the import of Hoodia Gordonni, pending the results of more research. 

Until we learn more, please don’t just run out to find any product that contains Advantra-Z®.  Get it safely in METABO 223 X.  And remember, METABO 223 X also contains other ingredients, as well as a money-back guarantee, that put it in a class of its own. 


You may not realize this, but the condition of your fat cells could be what’s keeping healthy metabolism, weight loss, and overall good health beyond your reach.

It’s something you don’t hear much about.  I personally think that our competitors don’t mention it because their products can’t do anything about it.  But I’m happy to talk about it and I’m proud to tell you that METABO 223 X has what you need to make your fat cells healthy again.  Give me a moment to explain…

Researchers from Temple University conducted a study which determined that the fat of overweight people is not as healthy as the fat of thin people. 

According to this study, which was published in the prestigious medical journal, Diabetes, there are key differences at the cellular level, and these differences could very well explain why overweight people are more likely to become victims of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.3

Another study, this one conducted at the University of California-Davis, concluded that some fat cells are actually toxic!  Furthermore, researchers determined that this toxicity could be a cause of serious health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.4

In yet another case, Kirsi Pietiläinen, PhD, an assistant professor of nutrition at Helsinki University Central Hospital (located in Finland), studied the fat cells of several sets of twins.  In each case, one twin was overweight and the other one was not. 

His study discovered that the fat cells of the overweight sibling endured metabolic changes that made it more difficult for them to burn fat and lose weight.5  In other words, the overweight sibling had fat cells that were broken and dysfunctional, keeping the unlucky twin unhealthy and overweight.

Most of us start out with healthy fat cells, but then life happens.  We’re bombarded with years of bad foods, as well as exposure to pollutants and toxins, and those cells become unhealthy.

Fat cells are little pouches located all over your body, and they hold fatty substances called lipids…like little oily bags of fat.     

Healthy fat cells store and then release the lipids as energy.  Unhealthy fat cells store lipids, but they can’t release them.  Instead, the unhealthy cells expand to hold the lipids and, when this happens, you’re more apt to gain weight. 

In fact, the smaller, healthier cells are the ones that are equipped to release good hormones that affect not only your weight, but also your overall health.

One such hormone, leptin, is released by the healthy fat cells to send a message to your brain that you’re full and that it is OK to stop eating.  (That’s a natural appetite suppressant!)

Another good hormone that healthy fat cells release, adiponectin, helps to keep your blood sugar level properly regulated and your cardiovascular system healthy.

Sadly enough, unhealthy fat cells stop the production of adiponectin and other good hormones, thus leading to sickness and disease.


Our new METABO 223 X formula can alter unhealthy fat cells!

The three ingredients I just introduced you to -- Capsimax®, raspberry ketones (Raz K) and  Advantra Z® – can all help you to release or fix unhealthy fat cells.  Think of “rehabilitating and remodeling” your fat cells. In other words, we are helping to put your fat cells through rehab to make them work for you and not against you!

In addition, the formula contains ginger, which works by protecting your fat cells from the free radical damage6 that turned them from bad to good.  It also includes garlic extract, which research suggests may actually prevent new fat cell formation.7



METABO 223 X includes compounds that have been carefully extracted from high-quality ginger and garlic to give you what you need to fix bad fat cells and to lose weight.

For example, from ginger we’ve extracted two compounds --- gingerols and shogaols.  And from garlic we extracted s-allyl-cysteine and allicin.  It is within these specific compounds that the benefits you’re looking for are contained. 

Try as you might, you can’t eat enough garlic or ginger to get the amount of these compounds you need for weight loss.  If you tried, you might lose a few pounds, but you’d also lose all of your friends – and strangers would certainly want to keep you at a distance!

It’s important to note that garlic and ginger also have other health benefits.  Garlic helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, while ginger helps to keep your blood vessels clear.



 Now Let Me Tell You About The Remaining Ingredients
We Included In our New Metabo 223 X Formula

  • Bioperine®, which is derived from black pepper.  It supports healthy weight loss and can give you a boost in energy, but that’s not why we included it in our formula.

We made sure to include it because, based upon clinical data, when Bioperine® is in your digestive system, your body does a better job of absorbing nutrients

So, in our case, Bioperine® improves your body’s ability to absorb the powerful benefits of the Capsimax® , raspberry ketone (Raz-K), Advantra-Z®, ginger and garlic compounds, and all of the other fat burning, metabolism boosting, energy enhancing ingredients in METABO 223 X.

That’s why you only need to take 4 capsules a day to get the impact of what I’ve told you about today.  More is not better when you have Bioperine® in the formula.

  • L-Theanine to help you enjoy mental calm.

If you’ve ever taken a diet pill or drink, you may have suffered through the nervous, jittery feelings they can ignite.

We didn’t want anyone taking our product to experience that, so we went the extra mile and added L-Theanine to the formula. 

L-Theanine is an amino acid that works by increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) that your body creates.  GABA, a chemical found in your brain, has been proven to produce an atmosphere of mental calm and contentment.    

In addition, L-Theanine increases the amount of serotonin that your body produces.  Serotonin also promotes your feelings of serenity and overall mental wellness.

  • A healthy amount of B vitamins, known for their ability to boost your energy, improve your mood, and promote healthy metabolism and weight loss. 

Included is vitamin B-12, known as the energy vitamin, which is vital to any fitness program.  Other B vitamins included in the formula are niacin (B-3), pyridoxine (B-6), riboflavin (B-2), pantothenic acid (B-5), thiamin (B-1), and biotin (B-7). 

  • Chromium, along with biotin play important roles in promoting healthy carbohydrate metabolism, and when used in conjunction with a smart workout plan, it can help you get the body you crave. Without the presence of chromium, insulin would not work as effectively.  Insulin, as you know, plays an integral part in your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar levels.  Here’s how it works…You finish a meal.  Your body then secretes insulin to take glucose to your cells so that they have the energy they need to function properly. 

          Chromium also works with insulin to help foster healthy fat metabolism.

  •  Caffeine Anhydrous to help decrease your appetite and help you reach your peak level of athletic performance.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition has declared that “caffeine is more powerful when consumed in an anhydrous state (capsule/tablet, powder) as compared to coffee” and that it can “enhance sport performance in trained athletes.”8 

In addition, the research team of Jackman et al. (1996) concluded that “caffeine ingestion improved endurance for exercise even at 4-6 minute intervals.”9



These powerful ingredients all combined in each bottle of Metabo 223 X to...


  • Help you lose unwanted pounds!
  • Rev up your metabolism!
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system and blood sugar metabolism
  • Improve your mood!
  • Make your workouts easier!
  • Helps you manage visceral (intra-abdominal) fat
  • Give you the body you have always wanted!


This isn’t just talk – I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


Very, very few companies put their products through this level of intense scrutiny.  It costs a lot of money and it takes a lot of time, but you’re worth it – and so is our reputation.  Other companies decide to make research and development an afterthought by sponsoring poorly controlled trials with very small subject numbers…but not Prograde!

So we’re going through a “real life” experiment and are giving the product to men and women who are probably a lot like you.  This is our triple-check to help ensure that the remarkable results science and other users have proclaimed hold up when examined “under the microscope.”

The results have been incredible!

In addition to enhancing healthy metabolism and aiding in weight loss, subjects are also reporting greater energy and a more keen sense of calm and concentration!

And they’re losing pounds and inches like never before!

I can confidently say that our METABO 223 X tops anything else you’ll find on the market and we’re excited to be able to offer it to you today.


I know as well as the next guy (probably better than him) that there have been problems linked to other weight loss products.  I’ve read the reports and I’ve studied the science.

Please know that safety should never be a concern when you’re considering any Prograde Nutrition product -- and METABO 223 X is no exception.

METABO 223 X has been carefully formulated to provide maximize benefits, while minimizing the side effects commonly reported with other weight loss products.  Every ingredient in our formula is there for a purpose, nothing more and nothing less, thereby helping to guarantee its ability to work safely.      

Yes, METABO 223 X is truly in a class of its own.


Order it today.

I don’t have to tell you this.  You already know that being in shape and looking your best translates well into every area of your life.

It’s a tremendous confidence booster and gives you the courage to try new things and reach new heights.

It makes your athletic abilities, as well as your personal and professional pursuits, easier to attain.

And it gives you the strength, stamina, and vitality you need to conquer any obstacle bold enough to get in your way.

Our old formula was a good one, but

Things change and medical science is no exception.  It evolves and it gets better.


We’ve added science’s latest weight loss discoveries to our old METABO 223 X product and have made it the absolute best weight loss formula on the market today.  

Please give it a try.  If it doesn’t work for you, let us know and we’ll refund your money.  That’s just how confident we are in the power of the new and improved METABO 223 X.

To Your Strength and Health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
PROGRADE Nutrition


P.S.  Times are tough and few of us have money to spend on something we’re not sure will work.  That’s why we offer an iron-clad Money-Back Guarantee.  If you find that METABO 223 X isn’t providing you with the strength and stamina I’ve promised, just let us know.  We’ll ask that you return the unused portion of your bottle, and we’ll send you your money back.  No hassle and no questions asked.  You have my word on it.


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Every Prograde product comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You've got nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by putting your trust in Prograde Nutrition!

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Listen To What Other People Are Saying! 

All I Can Say Is WOW!

"I have been taking Prograde Metabo 223 X for 2 weeks now, plus I got the Super Hero Package for women 6 days ago!! All I can say is WOW!!!  I am not dieting, just watching what I eat and I have dropped 6 pounds in just 6 days.  I love you the way this is including a vigorous workout and meal plan.."

Kristy Robertson
Lebanon, MO 

I Lost 6 Pounds In Less Than Two Weeks

"I'm currently taking Prograde Metabo 223 X along with the Prograde Protein on a daily basis.  It is so incredible how my appetite has shrunk so much!  I eat 4-5 very small meals daily and I'm never hungry!  I'm loving this!  I've dropped 6 less than 2 weeks, my energy is unusually high and I finally got myself on a solid exercise routine.  I love you guys and I love your products and all the good advice!"

Chirine Powell
Indianapolis, Indiana

Down 14 Pounds

"So far down 14 pounds and more energy.  My sister is using it (Prograde Metabo 223 X) now too.  Thanks for another great product."

Diana St. Cyr
Framingham, MA

I Noticed My Midriff Flatter And My Body More Defined

"Even though I have always been a workout fanatic and have kept in pretty good shape most of my adult life, I am always searching for something that will give me an edge and I FOUND it in your Prograde Metabo 223 X.  When I started taking Prograde Metabo 223 X, I noticed my midriff flatter and my body more defined.  I tell you, I definitely saw and felt a difference."

Ginny E.
Toronto Ontario, Canada


*We don't know if you will experience the same or similar results as these Prograde customers.  Your experiences may not be as positive.



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irritability, sleeplessness and occasionally rapid heart beat. Discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to any surgery.