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 If Your Child is Taking an “Off the Shelf” Multi-Vitamin, 
It Might Be Making Them Sick!

First and only multi-vitamin endorsed by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), the worlds leading authority on kids’ fitness

Naturally sweetened with Stevia

No artificial sweeteners.

Contains Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, and Zinc – to build a powerful immune system*

Includes Choline –to support healthy brain function*

No Artificial Sweeteners - Prograde Essentials For Kids does not contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame- instead each batch is naturally sweetened with stevia.

I won’t bore you with statistics. You know our environment is becoming more and more toxic every day. Our food supply has been stripped of vitamins and minerals due to additives and preservatives. And our kids are suffering.  It is now essential all children take a multi-vitamin every day.

Unfortunately, you are being misled and most multi-vitamins on the market might actually be making your kids more sick.  As a fellow parent, I was horrified when I saw the ingredients in a kids’ vitamin at my local pharmacy. You know, the one with the famous “cartoons” on the label.  Their “healthy” vitamins are filled with hydrogenated vegetable oil and artificial flavors.

Here are just a few of the ingredients listed in their “vitamin” (believe me, as a Registered Dietitian, I know this is NOT what you want your child to ingest) Dicalcium Phosphate (used in the ‘feed’ that poultry eats), Aspartame (a highly controversial artificial sweetener), and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (your kids do NOT need this!).

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