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Why Your "Old" Source Of Fiber Might Be Obsolete

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

There are two diseases which may threaten your very existence.

Heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes!

Both diseases affect millions of people worldwide.

And both diseases may lead to premature death.

And both may be tied to INCREASED inflammation in your body.

However, both may be preventable.

Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Your Risk

Diabetes may lead to heart disease due to increased blood sugar levels racing through your veins and arteries.

This may increase INFLAMMATION, which may lead to increased stress and demand on your cells.

In heart disease, one risk factor is increased cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol may get trapped in your arteries which may create blockages.

This may cut off blood supply to your heart.

This may lead to a heart attack or premature death.

Taking steps to increase your fiber intake may be one of the BEST ways to
reduce your risk factors associated with both diseases

The newest type of fiber may also be your BEST OPTION.

That nutrient is β-glucan.

And it is showing TREMENDOUS potential for possibly lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

Give me a minute to explain…

Oat β-Glucan and Cholesterol

With the rise in heart disease you should think about lowering your cholesterol.

Including adequate fiber in your diet may help
reduce your bad cholesterol levels

This may reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

How does β-glucan lower your cholesterol?

It’s complicated.

Cholesterol is a precursor to bile.

Your liver needs to use cholesterol in order to make bile.

Bile is a substance produced by your liver and it does a HUGE job in your body.

Bile may digest fatty acids in your small intestine.

However, when β-glucan is introduced to the mix it throws off the work of bile.

This is a good thing!

β-glucan is not broken down in your intestines.

It enters your stomach in both a soluble and insoluble form.

This viscous material then REDUCES your intestines ability to absorb bile. 

Bile binds to β-glucan and is then excreted by your body.

Then your liver needs to make more bile, in order to break down more fatty acids.

So your liver removes cholesterol from your blood in order to make more bile.

Now your liver makes more bile acids and
you are LOWERING your cholesterol levels

And this may lower your LDL cholesterol.

Result: lower cholesterol and reduces ONE risk for heart disease.

Do you need a lot?

Not at all!

You may only need 3 grams or more of β-glucan to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels!

But the benefits of β-glucan do not stop there!

Oat β-glucan and Blood Sugar Control

β-glucan contains a mix of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Once ingested, β-glucan is broken down into both types.

The soluble part of β-glucan may help reduce your blood sugar.


Let me explain…

Once ingested, β-glucan turns into a viscous material.

This gel-like material wraps itself around other food and nutrients in your stomach like a blanket.

This makes it harder for enzymes to process the food.

Not only that but it may slow down the emptying of the contents in your stomach to your intestines.

With food entering at a much slower rate this may slow down absorption and subsequent release of nutrients by your intestines.

This results in a slower release of sugar into your blood.

This may also slow the release of insulin from your pancreas.

There may be as much as a 50% reduction in your glycaemic peak
throughout the day with just 10% β-glucan in a breakfast cereal

This may result in better blood sugar control.

This may prevent the up and downs in energy levels throughout the day.

Your Best Option

Including soluble and insoluble fiber may be your best option to lowering cholesterol levels and preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Nutrients like β-glucan may benefit your health by possibly delaying sugar being released in your blood.

It also may lower your cholesterol by binding to bile and then excreting it from your body.

Cereals fortified with β-glucan may give you adequate levels of this amazing nutrient which may have positive effects on your health.

Prograde Genesis gives you 750mg of β-glucan in the form of Oat-β-glucan which may provide you with cholesterol and blood sugar lowering effects.

Can β-glucan help with weight loss and proper gut health?

Stay tuned to learn more!

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