The 3 Types Of Cleanses To Always AVOID!  

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INTRODUCING... The World's First 72-Hour Cleanse that does NOT require expensive juicing or supplements.

This special super 72-Hour Cleanse was designed to give you a healthy boost.  It's so simple to follow and it's based on science.

Why a Cleanse?

There are a many reasons why you should do a 72-hour cleanse. Here are just a handful...

    •    It may help you eat less during the day
    •    Decrease the amount of weight you might normally gain
    •    Improve nutrient and antioxidant status BEFORE eating unhealthy food
    •    Jump-start your health resolution in a BIG way!

    •    You will change your relationship with food and reduce your junk food cravings
    •    And so many more benefits

Again, the beauty of the 72-hour cleanse is that it's so easy to stick with (after all, it's just 72 hours!). Dr. Walsh lays it all out for you, step-by-step. And you can find all the ingredients in your local supermarket (in fact, you might already have it in your kitchen). Like I said, you do NOT need supplements nor do you have to spend hundreds of dollars for overpriced juices.

FULL SUPPORT: Even though this cleanse was created to be easy to follow, having support is a huge benefit. And not only will you receive support from Dr. Walsh, but thousands of other 72-Hour Cleanse clients as well. The entire community will be here to support you and answer your questions. And it's included with the program.

This program will truly change your life and we can't wait until you dive into it. The system. The support. The community. It's truly the best (and most affordable) cleanse on the market - in fact, it's not even close.

IMPORTANT: The price of this program is just one small payment of $27.  Please don't let the low price fool you into thinking it's not a good program. We know by keeping it so affordable that it can fit into any budget -  we'll be able to help millions like you take control of your health by participating in an incredible cleansing program.

But, because it's a pre-holiday cleanse, and we want to limit the number of participants to deliver the BEST experience possible, this offer may close at any time. 

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(This is a digital downloaded program.  You will be able to download the program once your order is complete in the private Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse forum.  This is not a physical product)