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I have heard people say that they are 'vegetarian', yet some of these people eat poultry, others eat dairy products and/or eggs (but no meat or fish), while some eat nothing of animal origin. What does the term 'vegetarian' actually mean?
Posted by Stephan Mackenzie on 22 April 2011 11:18 AM
The word 'vegetarian' is not well-defined. It includes people with a wide range of attitudes and eating behaviors with respect to foods of animal origin. Vegetarians all base their diets on foods of plant origin, but there are different levels of vegetarianism according to how much food derived from animals is also eaten. There are four major types of vegetarian: A 'semi vegetarian' eats poultry and/or fish (but no red meat), dairy foods and eggs; a 'lacto vegetarian' consumes dairy foods but no meat, fish or eggs. A 'lacto-ovo vegetarian' includes dairy foods and eggs (but no meat or fish); and a 'vegan' eats only foods of plant origin.
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