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Is it necessary to take vitamin/mineral supplements or can I get all the nutrients I need from food alone?
Posted by Stephan Mackenzie on 22 April 2011 11:18 AM
It is a common misconception that if you eat a well-balanced diet there is no need for supplements. This may have been true 10,000 years ago when the water supply was pure, the air was crystal clear, the soil was unspoiled by toxic fertilizers, and the foods were organic, and unprocessed. But, today our food supply is seriously degraded by use of fertilizers on depleted soils, mass-production methods of ripening, storing, drying, cooking, freezing, blanching, pasteurization, hydrogenation and multiple other practices of modern food processing. The result is that it is likely impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs from food alone. The American Medical Association now agrees that this is the case ( See 19 June 2002 issue of JAMA ). A daily supplementation program is essential. At a minimum, your body needs every day a high quality, broad-spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral (containing B-vitamins), and extra anti-oxidants: beta carotene; vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Prograde VGF25+ provides all of this and its source is 25 fruits, vegetables and various greens. Instead of a synthetic version like most multivitamins VGF25+ comes from whole foods and is the support for your daily nutritional foundation.
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