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What can be done to reduce my risk of developing metabolic syndrome, or to help overcome the syndrome if I already have it?
Posted by Stephan Mackenzie on 22 April 2011 11:18 AM
First and foremost, if you are undergoing treatment for any of the components of metabolic syndrome (or for the actual diseases associated with it, such as diabetes or heart disease) it is essential that you take the advice of your professional health care provider. Your doctor and/or dietitian know your particular circumstances and can prescribe treatment that is tailored to best meet your requirements. The advice provided in the remainder of this FAQ is of a general nature only. Although the incidence of metabolic syndrome is increasing, the situation is far from hopeless. Metabolic syndrome is a reasonably recent phenomenon and its causes, although not entirely understood, include environmental factors. This means that something has changed in the environment to promote obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance and so on. Examples of environmental changes that may have contributed to the metabolic syndrome include a marked reduction (by most people) in physical activity, and an increase in the number of meals eaten away from home (particularly foods that are rich in saturated fat and salt). Clearly, if the environment can be changed in one direction, those changes are reversible and the metabolic syndrome can be overcome.
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