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Why should someone consume some carbohydrates and protein after a workout or any event that requires activity?
Posted by Stephan Mackenzie on 22 April 2011 11:18 AM
Research and scientists have proven that recovery of muscle nutrient stores can be enhanced by consuming a specified mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. Significant glycogen (carbohydrate) storage greatly reduces the recovery time from exercise. Consumption of protein immediately after exercise is essential to repairing the muscle tissue that has been damaged from exercise and providing the essential amino acids needed to repair the muscle tissue for the next workout. These two ingredients are vital to repairing and preparing your body for the next workout. Athletes should consume a recovery drink as soon as possible after exercise or competition, and should wait no longer than one hour to do so. This is the most critical period for the replenishment of muscle glycogen and amino acid absorption. ProGrade Workout is formulated to maximize recovery for both strength and endurance athletes for the anabolic phase and rebuilding phase that takes place after exercise. The longer you are in an anabolic state can result in increased muscle mass and strength for athletes and greater energy storage levels for endurance athletes. Recent research has found that after engaging in near maximal exercise for a short time, that we do in fact see the transient glycogen "super compensation" in ALL muscle fiber types. Your performance will suffer the next time you train and you may even lose some muscle along the way if you don't replenish the glycogen and protein quickly. Achieving the most rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen stores is especially important.
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