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What Is The Weight Loss Benefit To Fasting?


For those that don’t know what fasting is let me quickly explain.  Fasting is sometimes done for a variety of reasons.  I will explain how it is applied for weight loss in a second.  Fasting is essentially not eating or drinking anything that contains calories for a set time period.  

Generally this time period is 24 hours.  Fasting for weight loss is sometimes done as a way to break bad habits or shock your body into behaving differently whether that be mentally or physically.  Physically it is done to force your body to use stored calories such as fat calories and carbohydrate calories.  

You generally only want to do this for a short time such as one 24 hour time period for example because what will start to happen real fast is your body’s leptin levels will drop and your body may start shedding lean muscle to slow down the metabolism.  Essentially your body thinks you are starving itself.  

One way to counteract some of this is by consuming branched chain amino acids during your fast day.  This is done to feed your body nutrients that it can use for energy rather than going after the amino acids in your muscle and essentially breaking down the muscle.

Fasting takes a lot of discipline and it not for the weak of heart.  It is pretty hard to not eat or drink calories for 24 straight hours because it goes against everything your body is known to do.  

It is a way to jumpstart a weight loss program or break through a plateau sometimes.  Just do not implement this all the time or for long periods.   The exact opposite will happen, which is no weight loss at all.


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