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Natural supplements can improve your diet results. But there are so many different options out there, how do you know what to take? At Prograde we selected the ingredients of Metabo 223X based not on popularity, hype or folklore but based on science. Every ingredient we use has been shown effective in carefully controlled studies and then delivered “real world” results in our clinical trials.

And we wouldn’t have put Metabo 223X on the shelves without black pepper.

Black Pepper Benefits

Black pepper has been used in Eastern medicine throughout history and its medicinal benefits have been confirmed by modern science as well. The active compound in black pepper is called piperine, and it has a serious positive impact on your body. Here is just a short list of some of its leading benefits:

  • Anti-depressant: Black pepper extract boosts your mood and helps you stay serene and happy.
  • Mental clarity: The piperine in black pepper has a direct impact on mental balance and improves cognitive function.
  • Anti-cancer: Some of the most exciting studies on black pepper have shown that piperine actually helps in fighting off cancer.

Based on those benefits alone, everyone should be taking black pepper extract as a supplement every day. But for Metabo 223X we were most focused on fitness and weight-loss results, and the benefits that black pepper brings to the table are considerable.

No. 1: Don’t Store Fat

The first reason black pepper is indispensable in a weight-loss formula is because it works directly to inhibit the process of forming fat in the first place. Every time you eat, your body needs to process the energy somehow, and much of it becomes fat cells which can easily form into fat tissue and lead to obesity.

Black pepper extract blocks the chemicals in your body that encourage that process and helps prevent you from putting on fat mass.

No. 2: Bioavailability

No ingredient is any good as a supplement unless your body can absorb it and make use of it. This is called “bioavailability.” Black pepper can actually increase the bioavailability of many other compounds, improving how well they are absorbed into the body and thus their overall effectiveness. In other words, black pepper helps everything else in Metabo 223X work better.

There are very few other weight-loss products that include black pepper because most other companies don’t follow the research. For a supplement that actually works, try Metabo 223X today.

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