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Healthy Eating Guidelines for Healthy Eating Plans


What makes a diet successful? A healthy diet and good exercise are the only ways to get on track to a healthier body and lower weight, but it takes work – and that work should pay off. That’s why supplements that enhance your weight loss and fitness results are such a great tool.

Typically, weight supplements include natural stimulants. These ingredients increase your metabolism and boost your energy level, helping you perform better at the gym and burn more calories both during exercise and at rest. However, all that extra energy can create problems – no one wants to feel jittery or “hyper” all the time. So how do you prevent it?

In designing Metabo 223X, we approached this question from two sides. First of all, we only used natural, safe ingredients that have been carefully studied. But more than that, we also decided to include an ingredient specifically to help you be relaxed and feel good throughout your day. For that, we turned to L-Theanine.

What is L-Theanine?

You have probably had L-Theanine in your system many times and never even realized it. L-Theanine is a compound that occurs naturally in green tea leaves. There is a reason that green tea has been used by Zen monks for centuries – it helps you feel relaxed and peaceful. L-Theanine works together with caffeine to enhance cognitive function, but it also balances out the effects of caffeine by making you calmer.

L-Theanine is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and has numerous benefits. It increases your production of serotonin, which promotes feelings of serenity, and it also boosts your production of GABA, a naturally occurring brain chemical that helps calm the mind. L-Theanine benefits therefore include peace, calm and a sense of mental wellness.

L-Theanine Dosage

While the exact amount of L-Theanine consumed from a cup of green tea varies, it is far less than you need to get the full L-Theanine effects. As a supplement, L-Theanine is suggested for coping with anxiety and settling the mind. It has been approved for use since the 1960s and has no adverse side effects. Thus, it was the perfect addition to Metabo 223X – our way of making sure that not only is our product effective for weight loss, but also mentally balancing and calming.

Losing weight should feel good. Try Metabo 223X for yourself and see what you think. It will make a difference every step of the way.

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