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Some people love garlic and some people hate it. The flavor of garlic can be magnificent, especially sautéed in oil or roasted and sprinkled over a dish. At the same time many people don’t like dealing with the scent, and they worry it will put others off.

But garlic extract is different from the garlic you buy at the store. Taken as a supplement, garlic goes directly into your system and does not cause bad breath. It does, however, deliver all of the powerful health benefits of garlic – including some amazing weight-loss effects.

Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic is one of the most medicinally potent herbs on the planet. Many of its traditional uses have been confirmed by research and it is trusted by doctors to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fight heart disease and even help in the battle against cancer. These benefits would be reason enough to use garlic extract – even if it didn’t help with obesity. But on top of all of its health benefits, garlic also helps with weight loss in two crucial ways:

  • Garlic helps prevent fat from forming in the first place. Research shows that garlic can inhibit adipogenesis, which is the process your body uses to turn energy into fat tissue.
  • Garlic increases energy usage. Thermogenesis is the process by which fat is broken down into energy in the form of heat, helping maintain your body temperature. Garlic increases thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue, one of the two types of fat tissue found in the body.

This research translates directly into results. Researchers have given two sets of mice identical high-fat diets, with the only difference being the addition of garlic extract to one group of mice. Whereas the fatty diet led to obesity in the no-garlic group, the mice who received the garlic extract actually lost weight.

Garlic in Metabo 223X

Unlike most supplement producers, at Prograde we insist on doing careful testing to make sure our products work. We weren’t satisfied with the results of the published mouse study alone. Instead we put Metabo 223X through rigorous clinical trials – and it succeeds where other products fail.

Garlic extract is a crucial ingredient in Metabo 223X because it promotes overall health as well as directly fights fat leading to weight loss. In combination with the other tested, proven ingredients the garlic in Metabo 223X is more potent than any garlic tablets. Give Metabo 223X a try for yourself today.

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