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If you care about a healthy lifestyle, chances are you’re aware that the body picks up toxins and that it’s important to cleanse and detoxify to maximize your health. In our society we are surrounded by objects that contain hazardous and toxic materials, everything from our cars and computers to our building materials and chemicals we use every day. Plus, our food often contains chemicals from agriculture and from commercial processing. These toxins build up in the body and contribute to a number of health problems.

Many of these toxins can be removed, however, that does not mean that every cleanse plan or product on the market is equally effective. Because cleansing has become a buzzword, many products are marketed in this niche, and many of them have no scientific basis whatsoever. Let’s look at three popular methods that do not work – and may even cause problems.

  1. Juice fasts: Juicing is very popular and has some nutritional benefits, but it does nothing to help remove toxins. There are specific processes that need to happen in the body in order to release toxins, and juice does not contribute to these processes. In some cases, juice fasts can be dangerous, because juice is loaded with fructose, a rapidly absorbable form of sugar which can lead to blood sugar spikes coupled with crashes from fasting. This is incredibly hard on metabolism.
  2. Colon cleanses: There are undeniably toxins in the colon, but a colon cleanse does very little to detoxify the body. Colon cleanses claim to remove “plaque” built up on the colon wall, but any doctor can tell you there is no such thing as colon plaque. The colon is specifically evolved to withstand and contain toxic materials and to conduct it through the body. The material that comes out during a colon cleanse is normal for the body and will be replaced with the next meal you eat.
  3. Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a very potent and healthy fruit with benefits, but it is widely recommended as part of a detox regimen and this flies in the face of science. Grapefruit contains a compound that actively inhibits a detoxification pathway in the liver, meaning that taking grapefruit extract or grapefruit juice actually shuts down the cleansing process.

However, there are effective ways to rid the body of toxins. At Prograde we prefer to base our programs on science – not fads – and that means we get results. We have reviewed hundreds of studies to uncover which nutrients and antioxidants actually help activate or bolster detoxification pathways in the body.

The Prograde 72-Hour Cleanse is a simple, short cleanse program using only affordable ingredients from your local supermarket. With our expert guidance, and the community support of fellow cleansers, you will get results you can feel and see.

Learn more about the Prograde 72-Hour Cleanse today.

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