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Does fitness have to hurt?

That’s the question we asked ourselves as we reviewed the research on a powerful weight-loss ingredient, capsaicin. Capsaicin is a compound that occurs naturally in red hot peppers – in fact it’s what makes them spicy. A regular intake of capsaicin is one of the best choices you can make for your health, but many people can’t stand the idea of dosing themselves with hot peppers every day in an effort to stay fit.

That’s why we isolated a capsaicin extract that can be delivered directly into your system without the burning mouth or indigestion that comes from eating chili peppers. Our capsaicin extract is part of what makes Metabo 223X such an effective weight-loss supplement.

Some Like It Hot

There’s a reason that cultures around the world have taken a liking to spicy food, even though it burns the mouth. They’re not just showing off – they’re onto something very important that modern science has only recently been able to confirm: chili peppers make you happy.

Your body treats capsaicin as a potential source of pain. That means that when capsaicin enters your system, your body starts releasing endorphins to fight it. Endorphins are exactly what the body produces during moments of joy and happiness, during the high of a workout, and even during sex. They create a mild sense of euphoria that is invigorating and pleasant.

That buzz is actually good for you – capsaicin contributes to pain relief, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. But that’s not all.

Capsaicin and Weight Loss

Capsaicin is a stimulant that elevates the metabolism and helps with both fitness and weight loss.

It increases the base number of calories you burn per day, helps reduce fat and helps build lean mass. Participants in a leading capsaicin study were able to lose nearly 8 pounds of fat mass in four days, while building over 6 pounds of lean mass. The result was overall weight loss coupled with a leaner, fitter physique.

Results You Can Count On

These kinds of results have been confirmed over and over in study: pure capsaicin has a direct effect on your fitness. Capsaicin extract is more controlled and more easily absorbed than a capsaicin cream and far more comfortable than eating hot peppers or spicy food. That’s why, out of hundreds of contenders, it was one of only eight that made it into Metabo 223X.

Want to experience the effects firsthand? Try Metabo 223X today and see for yourself. There is no more effective weight-loss supplement in existence.

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