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Why Does Capsaicin Help Us To Lose Weight Faster?


By: Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS

Capsaicin in the science realm has shown us that it can be benefiical to helping you lose weight faster.  Research has been consistent with the results that it is effective for weight loss, but they continue to study the exact mechanisms that cause this.

Researchers in Korea have new evidence regarding the mechanism behind why capsaicin may help you with weight loss.

Capsaicin for those that don't know is used in our Prograde Metabo 223 X and comes from the white pulp of chili peppers.  Capsaicin is what gives the chili pepper it's burning sensation or heat production.  It has been researched for its health benefits, which include helping with weight loss, anti-inflammation properties and may even inhibit a number of cancer cells.

Previous studies have suggested that capsaicin my help with weight loss by reducing the amount of calories absorbed in the gut, reducing fat tissue, speeding up metabolism and also lowering your lipid levels in your blood.  

Professor Jong Won Yun at the Daegu University in South Korea suggests that the mechanism for all of this may very well be by stopping fat build up by stimulating the expression of certain fat degrading proteins and down regulating other proteins that work to synthesize fat.

I know that may sound very technical and confusing so let me try and explain it in layman's terms.

The study conducted fed rats a high fat diet with one group also being given a treatment of capsaicin.  The capsaicin rats lost 8 percent body weight compared to the non-capsaicin rats on the exact same diet.  What this new research showed was that there were changes in over 20 fat processing proteins.  What this means is the researchers are getting closer to pinpointing the exact mechanism of the exact anti-obesity effects of capsaicin.  

The research team also found other enzymes and markers affected that target obesity and fat synthesis.  

We already know through research that capsaicin may be beneficial in helping you to lose weight and this research confirms that even more.  It looks like now scientists may be able to pinpoint the mechanism so that they we can have even stronger ways to combat obesity.

It is because of research like this as well as many other studies why we decided to use a special and unique form of capsaicin in our Prograde Metabo 223 X formula.


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