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The best form of cardio may just require you to lift weights.  University of Wisconsin researchers found that if you perform kettlebell snatches for 1 minute you can burn 20 calories in that minute.

When compared to other forms of cardio you will see that some just don’t compare.

A 180 pound man burns this many calories in 1 minute:

    Spinning:  14.3 calories per minute
    Rowing (vigorously):  11.5 calories per minute
    Elliptical:  9.8 calories per minute
    Running (7 minute mile pace):  19 calories per minutes
    Swimming:  13.6 calories per minute

As you can see, running at a 7 minute mile pace is the closest to burning the same amount of calories, but if you can’t run at that pace or don’t want to spend an hour on the cardio machines then pick up a kettlebell and do 10-15 one minute sets to burn hundreds of calories in a short amount of time.






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  1. Lisa on July 8, 2010 3:16 pm

    Can you explain how to do a kettlebell snatch? The picture is not a kettlebell and the videos on youtube are all over the board as to what to do. Is there a specific type of kettlebell snatch exercise you are recommended?

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